Pre-School Admissions

We are delighted to have opened Little Cranes Pre-School in September 2016 at the new Cranfield Church of England Academy school site in Braeburn Way. The Pre-School, when full, offers 44 places during the morning session and 44 places during the afternoon session. In addition to this the Pre-School will offer a lunch club for children (aged 3 or 4) per session.


  • Click here to view the Pre-School's Admission Policy for the current academic year
  • Click here to register to join Little Cranes Pre-School

Little Cranes Pre-School accepts applications for any child, aged three or older. In addition, Little Cranes Pre School offers eight places to children who are 2 if they meet the criteria for free early education and childcare. Please click here for eligibility information or click here to access the documentation needed to apply for the two year old funding.

You can register interest in your child attending Little Cranes Pre-School at any point by filling in an application form which is available here. This form will be held by the school office until your child is ready to start Pre-School and we will then contact you to confirm which sessions your child will attend.

If there are more applications to the Pre-School than places available, then the Little Cranes Pre-School Admissions criteria will be applied.

Please note, although Little Cranes Pre-School is part of Cranfield Church of England Academy, attendance at the Pre-School does not guarantee future admission to the Reception Year at Cranfield Church of England Academy. Similarly, your child's admission to Cranfield Church of England Academy would not necessarily mean attendance at the Saint Paul's Site (at which the Pre-School is based). To gain admission to the main school, parents/carers must apply to the Local Authority through the Starting School Admissions Process. If there are any questions about this, please do not hesitate to speak to the school office.